12th November, 2023

Get the most secure web3 account in <30 seconds

Imagine setting up your Safe{Wallet} in less time than it takes to pour your morning coffee. With just your Google Account, you're 30 seconds away from a new Safe Smart Account.
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Debbie Chia
Debbie Chia & Danilo Pereira


Introducing self-custody for everyone. From today, you can secure your crypto fast and free with Safe{Wallet} on Gnosis Chain using just your Google Account.

Yes, you heard it right. Your path to crypto self-custody is now as straightforward as your daily Google login.

If you’ve got Google, you’ve got Safe—and it’s free—on Gnosis Chain!

psst. coming to more chains soon 👀

Faster, smarter self-custody

Imagine setting up your Safe{Wallet} in less time than it takes to pour your morning coffee. With just your Google Account, you're 30 seconds away from a new Safe Smart Account.

What is a Safe Smart Account? Compared to an externally owned account (EOA) which requires a seed phrase, a Safe Smart Account does not. It is a type of account that is programmable and much easier to manage. This allows you to customise your account with features such as multiple owners and transaction guards, to keep your crypto even more secure while retaining full self-custody.

Trusted by millions

That is why Safe is trusted by millions. Safe currently securely stores more than $40 billion in assets onchain. It’s the gold standard for DAO treasury management—from the biggest to the smallest portfolios—and it is the platform of choice for industry titans like Vitalik Buterin and punk6529, to name a few.

Set up for free. Transact for free.

With a single click, you're in. No more typing in seed phrases from device to device. You retain full self-custody with the ease of logging into your email.

Even better, you do not have to pay any network or gas fees to create your account on Gnosis Chain – it’s completely free. After that, you also enjoy 5 free transactions every hour on Gnosis Chain.

Here’s how you start:

  • Head to and select "Create Safe Account"

  • Click "Continue with Google"

  • A few moments later, you're equipped with the most battle-tested Smart Account set-up on Gnosis

  • Level up your wallet defences and add more owners for bulletproof multisig security.

Watch our step-by-step video guide

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Level up your security

Want to increase your unhackable wallet status? Here’s how you do it. After starting off with a single signer, you can add extra signers to your account at your own pace. A popular multisig configuration is 2-out-of-3 owners, where it takes any 2 signatures out of 3 to execute a transaction. Owners can be spread out among your hardware wallet, desktop and mobile device, trusted friends and family members, etc. This means more layers of approval for each transaction, enhancing the safety of your Safe{Wallet}.

Surf Gnosis Chain safely

One login gives you access to over 40 dApps on Gnosis Chain directly within your Safe{Wallet}, including Uniswap, 1inch, CowSwap, Balancer, and more!

Just hit the Apps tab on the left to explore the Safe Apps ecosystem.

Experience multi-layered security features

A multisig configuration is just the base layer of the robust Safe{Wallet} experience. Within the wallet are also features such as transaction simulation, where you can pre-run and test out high-stakes transactions first before execution. Added to the stack is also free risk assessment scanning, that will alert you of any malicious contracts and other risky metrics, before you sign.

To save you time and gas, you can also batch transactions together, all designed to give you a seamless, secure, and superior crypto wallet experience.

Your self-custody, your way

Take command of your digital asset management today with Safe{Wallet}. Create your free account and join the ranks of those who choose autonomy, security, and peace of mind.

And stay tuned as we add this feature for more networks coming soon!

Visit to get started.

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