Safe CORE is Account Abstraction

Full-stack. Battle-tested. Open-source.
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Safe Core AA SDK

Get started with Safe CORE Account Abstraction SDK

What's in there

Protocol Kit

  • Modular and customizable smart contract accounts
  • Battle-tested security
  • Transaction Batching

Auth Kit

  • Easy on-boarding using Web3Auth
  • Social and wallet logins
  • Get users started without a wallet

Relay Kit

  • Gas-less experiences using Gelato
  • Sponsored transaction
  • Pay fees in ERC-20 tokens

Onramp Kit

  • Seamless Fiat on-ramping using Stripe
  • Pay using a credit card
Safe Core API

Immediate access to all account information to power your applications


Decode all actions of Safe accounts

Monitor all interactions with the Safe

Easy-to-use API with extensive information

Available across 12+ networks

Safe ecosystem builders

See what web3’s best builders have to say

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Safe core protocol

Build any use case with the battle-tested security of Safe CORE Protocol

Tap into the ecosystem’s cutting-edge modules and guard extensions or write your own custom logic to plug into the Safe core contracts.

Safe core protocol

Extend account logic using Safe Modules

Implement transaction checks using Safe Guards

Batch transactions using Multisend

Use new signature schemes using Fallback Handlers