Smart Wallet Infrastructure

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Safe Core AA SDK

Get started with Safe CORE Account Abstraction SDK

What's in there
Protocol Kit
  • Modular and customizable smart contract accounts
  • Battle-tested security
  • Transaction Batching
Auth Kit
  • Easy on-boarding using Web3Auth
  • Social and wallet logins
  • Get users started without a wallet
Relay Kit
  • Gas-less experiences using Gelato
  • Sponsored transaction
  • Pay fees in ERC-20 tokens
Onramp Kit
  • Seamless Fiat on-ramping using Stripe
  • Pay using a credit card
Safe Core API

Immediate access to all account information to power your applications

Decode all actions of Safe accounts
Monitor all interactions with the Safe
Easy-to-use API with extensive information
Available across 15+ networks
Safe ecosystem builders

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