16th April, 2024

SAFE Tokenomics

The SAFE Token stands out with its unique approach to token distribution, including vested airdrops and a significant allocation towards community treasuries. Get to know the SAFE tokenomics and the role of SAFE for the ecosystem and broader community.


The SAFE Token stands out with its unique approach to token distribution, including vested airdrops and a significant allocation towards community treasuries. Here's a look into SAFE tokenomics, voting power structure, and the role of SAFE for the ecosystem and broader community.

But let’s start with the basics:

  • Ticker: SAFE

  • Contract Address: 0x5aFE3855358E112B5647B952709E6165e1c1eEEe

  • Maximum Supply: 1,000,000,000 (1 billion)

  • Initial circulating supply: 427,000,000

  • Token format: Native ERC20

  • Sector: Smart Wallets, Smart Accounts Infrastructure, Account Abstraction

  • Onchain data: Safe Token Dune Dashboard

Token Allocation

The overall distribution of SAFE, which spans 5 categories, was first defined as part of the GnosisDAO spin-off proposal.

Excluding the vested community treasury shares, the non-treasury circulating supply makes up around 143,4M Safe Tokens (14.34% of SAFE supply) and is allocated as follows:


Furthermore, the following distribution (stakeholder) categories were identified with varying initial allocations to help drive and support the growth and alignment of the Safe ecosystem.

User Participation: Empowering Active Users

  • Allocation: 5% of the total supply (50M tokens)

  • Distribution: 25M tokens are available immediately, with the remaining 25M vested over 4 years.

  • Purpose: To make active users of Safe key stakeholders in SafeDAO governance, rewarding their activity and engagement.

Guardians: Recognizing Ecosystem Contributions

  • Allocation: 5% of the total supply (50M tokens)

  • Distribution: An initial airdrop of 25M tokens, with half available immediately and the rest vested over 4 years. The remaining 25M tokens are set aside for future Guardians programs via SafeDAO.

  • Purpose: To acknowledge those contributing to the Safe Ecosystem, including open-source contributors and project teams.

Strategic Raise: Aligning Industry Experts

  • Allocation: 8% of the total supply (80M tokens)

  • Distribution: Vested among 60+ backers over 4 years, with a 1-year initial lockup period.

  • Purpose: To align strategic partners and industry experts with the project's goals and long-term success.

Core Contributors: Rewarding Dedication

  • Allocation: 15% of the total supply (150M tokens)

  • Distribution: Allocated to 40+ core contributors, with the remaining tokens reserved for future talent. Tokens are generally vested over 4 years.

  • Purpose: To incentivize key contributors and attract top talent by aligning their interests with the project's long-term vision.

Safe Foundation: Fostering the Ecosystem

  • Allocation: 7% of the total supply (70M tokens)

  • Distribution: Vested over 4 years, with 20M tokens available immediately.

  • Purpose: To support ecosystem rewards and activities requiring a legal entity, fostering overall ecosystem growth.

SafeDAO and GnosisDAO Treasuries: Securing the Future

  • Allocation: 55% of the total supply, divided between SafeDAO (40%) and GnosisDAO (15%).

  • Distribution: Vested over 8 years for SafeDAO and 4 years for GnosisDAO, with 50M (SafeDAO) and 10M (GnosisDAO) of the tokens available immediately.

Purpose: To ensure the financial sustainability and strategic alignment of Safe with Gnosis.

Joint Treasury: An Experiment in DAO Coordination

  • Allocation: 5% of the total supply (50M tokens)

  • Distribution: Available immediately for the collective governance of SafeDAO and GnosisDAO.

  • Purpose: To explore collaborative governance between two DAOs, serving as a model for DAO coordination.

Safe allocates near 80% of total supply to the community. Source: allocates near 80% of total supply to the community. Source:

Token Release Schedule

The SAFE Token has a vesting schedule up to 8 years.


Token Utility

Fundamentally a governance token for SafeDAO, SAFE aligns the interests of the community and stakeholders towards ensuring a vibrant and thriving Safe ecosystem. As the project moves forward, the intent is to further empower all SAFE token holders.


SafeDAO is governed using the SAFE token (see SafeDAO Constitution). SAFE token holders can vote within the scope of governance of SafeDAO. They can vote with their vested and unvested tokens or delegate their voting power on topics such as:

  • Orchestrating resource allocation and funding to foster innovation and ecosystem expansion (via the Outcomes-based Resource Allocation “OBRA”)

  • Tailoring the SafeDAO Constitution and governance frameworks to adapt to evolving needs

To find out more about Safe{DAO} governance, visit the resource hub.

Safe Activity Program: Coming soon 

The SAFE token gets an additional activity related use-case as part of the proposed Safe Activity Program. Locking SAFE can boost the rewards the participants receive from their activity in the Safe ecosystem. More information about the Safe Activity Program will be announced soon.

Future Utilities 

In the foreseeable future, it is anticipated for the DAO to assume increased responsibility for a spectrum of decisions and activities, including but not limited to:

  • Developing and refining the utility of the SAFE token via feedback to further align with ecosystem growth

  • Implementing new SAFE token utilities and use cases

  • Initiating and managing collaborations and integrations within the Safe ecosystem

As the Safe ecosystem evolves over time, the design space of utilities for the SAFE token will naturally expand. SafeDAO can vote on the implementation of token utilities and signal the direction of future explorations. The community is encouraged to be part of the exploration and implementation of future SAFE token utilities.

For more information about the strategic focus of future explorations, see SEP# 21: Token Utility.

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We invite the community to join the SAFE journey as we accelerate the transition to smart accounts as the de facto means of interaction on web3. Stake your vote in Safe governance and come shape the future of ownership with us.


This is not an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to purchase any SAFE tokens, and is not an offering, advertisement, solicitation, confirmation, statement or any financial promotion that can be construed as an invitation or inducement to engage in any investment activity or similar. You should not rely on the content herein for advice of any kind, including legal, investment, financial, tax or other professional advice, and such content is not a substitute for advice from a qualified professional.

The token utility explorations should be merely seen as preliminary conceptual ideas, which are likely to be subject to substantial change. Before any implementation, extensive analysis is required to get a clear picture on aspects such as legal/regulatory risks, technical feasibility, resource availability, product roadmap etc.

Any documentation or statements are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute financial advice, a prospectus, a key information document or any other similar document. No prospectus, key information document or similar document will be provided at any time. There is no guarantee of the completeness and accuracy of the documentation statements provided. All numbers and forward-looking statements mentioned within the present document as well as any accompanying documentation and/or statements reflect mere estimations/indications. They are not guaranteed and may change substantially.

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