22nd May, 2024

Safe{Core} Launches Passkey Logins for Smart Accounts rolling out first on World App

Safe{Core} is revolutionizing digital security with the introduction of passkey logins for its smart accounts, set to launch on World App in June. Developed in collaboration with Worldcoin contributor Tools for Humanity, this new feature enhances onchain authentication by leveraging biometric data and public-key cryptography. By eliminating the need for seed phrases, passkeys provide a more secure and user-friendly login experience for over 10 million users, marking a significant step forward in Web3 accessibility and security.
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Developed with Worldcoin Contributor Tools for Humanity, Passkey logins for Safe Smart Accounts will roll out first on World App, the largest deployer of Safes.  

With a greater focus on security, Passkey logins will launch in June and will be formally verified and audited on day one. The biggest app utilizing Safe, World App will roll out this new simple login to enable simple onchain authentication for the 10 million+ people who use the app. 

In a move to simplify onboarding and user experience, Safe{Core}, Safe’s account abstraction stack, is launching passkey logins on its smart accounts. Passkey logins further simplify the accessibility to digital ownership for everyday users while maintaining the security and trust that Safe has established through gathering $100B+ value secured.

Moving past seed phrases- Enter Passkeys. 

Digital security has always been a critical concern for individuals and organizations. Especially in Web3, users have had to bear the burden of self-custody by securing their private keys by way of seed phrases. In just 2024 alone, $239 million was lost due to private key attacks or losses. This is simply not how we will onboard billions of users to Web3. 

The advent of passkeys marks a significant step forward in addressing these vulnerabilities, offering a more robust and user-friendly alternative. Though in the onchain self-custodial world, it poses questions and design choices as well. 

Passkeys provide a higher level of security by eliminating the need for passwords or seed phrases, which, even when used carefully, are prone to social engineering and phishing attacks. Instead, passkeys leverage biometric data and public-key cryptography to authenticate users, ensuring a secure and streamlined login process.

Today, 4.88 billion smartphones exist, with many of them having capabilities of passkeys on-device. Logging in with Face ID or fingerprint is also a very familiar user behaviour. Now with Passkey support, users will be able to log in to their Safe account and interact onchain with the same user experience. 

A security-first approach to Passkeys: 

Users bear full autonomy through self-custody and therefore while passkeys pose immense opportunity, they also present a risk of users “blind signing” and losing their funds if they are not careful. This is why we prioritize an approach to passkeys that is security-first. 

  1. Modularity: Passkey credentials can be assigned as owners to new and existing Safe accounts. 

  2. Multisig: Onchain multi-factor authentication, transaction checks can be performed where more than one key is required to execute transactions and only one key is a passkey. 

  3. Formal Verification and Audits: To ensure that passkey support is prod-ready, formal verification has been initiated for the passkey module giving developers peace of mind during development.  

Safe{Core} Passkey Logins for Smart Accounts, developed with Worldcoin Contributor Tools for Humanity, to roll out on World App

The introduction of passkey logins on Safe smart accounts, developed with Tools for Humanity, marks a new era for smart accounts. With enhanced security, user-friendly authentication, broad interoperability, and ubiquitous availability on smartphones, passkeys have the potential to onboard more people to web3 than any other technology.

That’s why Safe reached out to Worldcoin to help bring passkey logins to life. Worldcoin, with its World ID protocol that serves as a digital humanness passport on the internet, is one of the most ambitious projects in web3. It’s also an exemplary part of the Safe ecosystem. To date, Tools for Humanity via World App has deployed >3M Safe smart accounts and the upcoming Worldcoin Foundation’s World Chain launch aims to bring all of humanity onchain. Fittingly, the passkey feature will roll out to Worldcoin, enabling their global users to access to their onchain account by simply using optional biometric login on their phones. 

Safe{Core}’s new passkey logins will be available on World App, built and operated by Worldcoin contributor TFH, enabling millions of global users to securely access their onchain account simply by using built-in authentication methods on their phones.

Passkey Logins will be added to Safe{Core} SDK in June and developers can start to explore here. Stay tuned for more updates on Passkeys and explore how you can take advantage of passkey logins on Safe smart accounts to enhance digital security for users while simplifying UX. 

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