A new standard for smart contract security

How we make sure your funds are safe


USD worth of digital assets securely stored in Safes

(as of 8th February, 2022)


Gnosis has been developing blockchain-based financial, infrastructure products since 2016. In that time in the blockchain ecosystem, Gnosis has earned a reputation for expertise in engineering.

There are currently more than 50,000 Safe wallets deployed, with the top 25 instances alone holding a combined volume of 1.7M Ether and more than $90B equivalent in digital assets.

Our most advanced wallet solution, Safe, sets the industry-wide, highest security standards.

Formally verified

The Safe core smart contracts have passed the highest possible security standard in the industry: Formal Verification.

This in-depth review and testing of the codebase was conducted by Runtime Verification, a trusted pioneer of formal verification, over a six-month period.

Safe is the only formally verified smart contract-based wallet solution.


While the core smart contract has been formally verified, any and every update to the smart contracts goes through a careful audit by external security experts.

by Nexus Mutual

Still have doubts about the smart contracts’ security? You can insure funds stored in the Safe against potential smart contract attacks, through Nexus Mutual services.

Click below and use the smart contract address gnosissafe.nexusmutual.eth to get cover!

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To this day, no major or critical issues have been found in the codebase!